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Virtual Events Drive Brand Awareness, Loyalty and Revenue

The opportunity to gather in person is an exciting prospect for people, especially businesses since events are a marketing channel for lead generation. While in-person events are on the upswing, virtual webinars and seminars are a permanent part of life. Event software like WeInvite helps event organizers plan, manage and host virtual, hybrid and Live Events. An event with a virtual component offers opportunities for sales and marketing to reach more of their target audiences and increase profits.

How to create events that raise brand recognition and drive revenue 

1. Make virtual attendance an option 


It is crucial to have a virtual component to your events, and it is easy to do – most of the industrialized world has broadband access. Consider the potential: in 2021, the Americas had over one billion broadband subscribers, and the Asia Pacific region had over 3.7 billion. In addition to that,Virtual Event technology is simple to use and inexpensive, which means the barriers are minimal. A virtual attendance option attracts attendees regardless of geographic location to increase attendance, leading to higher revenue.

2. Plan promotion within the event  


Create a plan to promote what you sell when the event is for business promotion. Attempting to promote products or services spontaneously might appear sleazy and tacky to attendees. The key is to promote at a relevant point in the event, have a logical segue into your "non-sales" sales pitch, and follow it with a solid call to action.

Attendees need to have a purchase or consultation option immediately. The goal is to act when they are at an emotional high point; if they postpone decisions post-event, they may not take any action.

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