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Best Tips for Throwing the Perfect Garden Party

With June comes blooming flowers—peonies, roses, hyacinths, lupines, etc. If you have taken care of your garden and the colors are bursting, it may be time to have a garden party. It’s a little bit of an old fashioned idea, but one that people love once they arrive. Some may even get into the spirit of the occasion by wearing flowery hats, straw hats and “boaters” for men and seersucker appeal.

Weinvite.com can help organize your party and enable you to send out lovely custom e-invitations to your guests.

Here are some tips to help you plan and host a successful garden party:

1. Choose a suitable date and time

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Check the weather forecast and select a date and time when the weather is likely to be pleasant, and make your invite conditional on rain, with a TBD rain date if you have to postpone. Consider the comfort of your guests by avoiding extreme temperatures or times of day when the sun is at its strongest.

2. Send out invitations

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Create and send out invitations on WeInvite.com well in advance to give your guests ample time to RSVP. You can use traditional paper invitations, too or opt for the easier online invitations through email or social media platforms.

3. Plan your space

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Assess the available space in your garden and plan the setup accordingly. Arrange seating areas, tables, and food stations strategically to ensure smooth flow and ample room for mingling. Consider providing shade options like umbrellas or a tent if the weather is hot or unpredictable. Have ample seating options as your party may attract some people who can’t stand for very long. Don’t be reluctant to rent chairs for the day, which is not costly to do. Make sure the chairs are sturdy.

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