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Boost Your Next Virtual Job Fair: 10 Tips for Success

Attendee experience at virtual job fairs is critical to their success. How can you ensure that your job event is a remarkable one? We’ve compiled a list of career fair tips to ensure your next event is successful.

The idea of planning and hosting a virtual hiring event might seem overwhelming. Fear not –it’s easier than an in-person event – these virtual fairs have several benefits:  

  • An online job fair frees up time -- there is no need to search for and rent a physical venue.
  • Widens the scope of attendees – no venue capacity limit.
  • Cost savings. Examples include venue fees, table and chair rentals, additional staff and printing costs.
  • Online career events extend your event’s reach – attendees can log in from anywhere.

1. Step up Your Branding


Demonstrate your company culture, mission, brand identity, and why your organization is an opportunity for growth. Showcasing these benefits offer top talent a compelling reason to work with your company.

Also, ensure you are reachable. Being available means it is easy for visitors to research your company – offer introductory videos, live Q &A sessions, webinars, and other resources that deliver your brand as an employer.

2. Connect with Attendees


Choose optimal ways to connect with attendees. You may want to send downloadable job search resources by email before the event. 

3. Facilitate Interactions


The purpose of a virtual career fair or virtual job fair is to connect job seekers with employers to assess one another. Leverage technology like audio, video, and text chat to enable talent to reach out to employers easily and vice versa; technology like this is necessary for on-the-spot candidate screenings. Another idea is to set up a virtual lounge – this allows job seekers to socialize and make connections inside a chat room.

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