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How to Promote Your Virtual Event

A Guide by WeInvite 

Virtual and hybrid event marketing is becoming more challenging. Events happen across various industries and interests; it's challenging to rise above the marketing noise and reach your audience. Have you noticed everyone uses the same channels – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.?

So, how do you break through the promotional clatter, get noticed and stay within a budget? We can help – WeInvite has solutions to build your virtual event marketing plan.

Here we break down the top features for virtual events platforms: 

1. Identify your Audience  


Who are you targeting and why?

Understanding your audience is the first step. Dial-in and create a target persona – the more detail you build, the better your promotional plan

What do you need to know about your target persona?

  • Demographics – age, location, profession, etc.
  • How do they spend time online?
  • What are their goals, their motivations?

Let's say you're planning a virtual trade show. Sit down and imagine a person who is your ideal buyer; what would they buy from you? Gather data from your CRM; this will help you understand where they are (location), job duties, and what services and products they want to use or purchase. Your CRM data will also show how they found you (the source that brought them to you.) Did they find you via a trade journal? LinkedIn? A professional or personal referral? A paid online ad? 

We suggest taking an additional step: review Google analytics and Search Console. This gives you an overview of the search terms people use to find you online. After you understand what your audience talks about, where they are and what they want, find a tool to help you know what channels and hashtags they use and who they engage with.

When you know whom you're targeting, determine your desired outcome. Set your audience objective, like completing an event registration. This gives you a measure of success – it means your promotional messages are hitting their target.

2. Create a Landing Page


We strongly suggest that you create a landing page; it's the focal point of your promotional campaign. 

Your landing page serves two purposes:

  • You can openly communicate why your audience should care about your event – it's your elevator pitch 
  • It's the gateway for people to click through to a registration page.

An Event Platform like WeInvite offers branded landing pages. It's essential to partner with your virtual event platform provider to guide them on the page's content points and make sure you own the message. Remember that it's your event, and you're the one who understands your business; your brand voice needs to be conveyed on the landing page.

In addition to reflecting your brand, the landing page should have the following:  

  • Date and time of the event 
  • A persuasive headline 
  • Your event's agenda 
  • An event synopsis 
  • Who will be there (exhibitors, speakers)
  • Sponsors 
  • An appealing video to convert page traffic to registrations 

3. Timing

Attendee Engagement

Marketing your event at the right time is essential. Promoting too early could risk losing attention; too late, and there may not be enough time to generate audience reach. The general rule is to set up your landing page two to three weeks before the event date to get a place on your audience's radars.

It really does not matter if your event's virtual environment is set up – all you want is registrations on the optimized landing page. This is why the landing page is key to building momentum, setting expectations and building buzz.

However, you can count on exceptions to this rule. Are you targeting a small niche audience? That could require additional time and energy, so you'll need more time to convert your audience into registrants. Consider an event for salespeople in the orthopedic surgical supply industry; it will require additional time and detailed marketing.

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