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Top 5 Easy To Host Virtual Party Ideas for Remote Employees

The pandemic completely changed the way businesses operate. With most companies preferring the remote work model, it's time to revamp employee engagement strategies. For contest and game-related parties, offer up company swag and prizes!

Here are five party ideas to connect with coworkers with memorable events for building team chemistry.

Top 5 Virtual Party Ideas for Remote Employees:

1. Game Night

Game Night

If you have gamers in your office, virtual game nights may be the right thing for your office. You can connect through Steam, Xbox, or PlayStation by sharing a screen via Zoom. Virtual video game nights are a fun way for friendly competition. There are also inexpensive and free board games and trivia that are light and fun. Between rounds, colleagues can share successes and enjoy casual conversation.

2. Cutest Pet Contest:

Cutest Pet Contest

Pet parents are proud people – and a pet photo contest is an entertaining way for people to show off their fur babies! This is an engaging and fun way for employees to interact and take a break from business.

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