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Six Unique and Creative “Save the Date” Ideas for Your Special Day in 2023

When you start planning you event, it is crucial to send out a save-the-date notice as soon as you have one, and in some cases before you have even booked your venue. Why? Because people have lots of competition for their time—other events and vacation plans to name two.

And there is no reason not to be as creative in a save-the-date as you want to be with your actual online invitation. And the stronger the connection between the theme of your event, the invitation design, and the save-the-date design idea, the better.

Here are some ideas about how to use WeInvite to make the communication/invitation as special as you want the event to be:

1. Vintage Postcards

Game Night

Planning a wedding? Have a photograph of the loving couple in black-and-white in a vintage setting, which you can create in our custom invitation platform and templates.

Planning an anniversary party? Get hold of a picture of the happy couple from the year they got married or met. Your invitees love to see old photographs of their friends’ wearing bell-bottoms, wide neckties, haircuts that have not been seen since the 70s or 80s. Is the party for grandparents? The older the setting in the photo, the more fun and the more people like it.

This is how you create a personalized save-the-date but think forward and determine the look of your custom invitation as well, and make sure the visuals and the feel of the invitation are connected to the save-the-date notice.

2. Create a Custom Calendar with Key Dates of your Relationship

Cutest Pet Contest

Planning a birthday or retirement party for a loved one? Think of how much fun it is to see your honoree through the years. A photo for each decade of life? If the guest of honor is a youngster—18 years old, for example—a picture of the birthday boy or girl from each year of life. This makes a wonderful impression and is very motivating to save-the-date. “This is a party I do not want to miss” is the thought that runs through the heads of your invitees. The pictures can be incorporated into a calendar template and sent out as an e-invite from your WeInvite dashboard.

If you are planning a wedding, get the key dates in the couple’s relationship and build a calendar—the date they met, the first date, first Broadway Show they saw, first concert, the day they met the other’s family, their first vacation together—leading up to the engagement date and wedding date.

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