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Flip the Script: Five Webinar Rules to Break

The prior two years changed how we communicate; sticking to old rules could have you miss out on valuable audience engagement opportunities. Being forced to deal with new communication methods – professionally and personally – people found ways to maintain authentic interactions in a digital world.

Now, digital transformations are activated in weeks or days; in the past, digital changes could take months or years to start. Businesses quickly launch digital technologies to ensure client and employee wellbeing. Two years post-pandemic, enterprises realize the opportunities with remote work and are switching things up to reap the benefits.  

A shift toward digital interactions and experiences includes team meetings,Virtual Conferences, sales kick-offs, executive summits, etc. In a 2020 report, researchers at Gartner forecasted that 80% of B2B sales interactions will be via digital channels. 

Evolve your webinars 

It’s time to evolve your webinar marketing program. Read on for five webinar rules you can break to create authentic online experiences.

1. Rule to break: webinars should be delivered at the same time and date  


In the past, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were traditionally the best days for webinars. However, the tide shifted in April 2020 to Thursday and Friday, then went back to midweek. So, why the short-lived shift? It’s because working habits changes.  

Presently, most communications happen over virtual channels. However, since workers interact with a screen all day, most people don’t have time to participate in a webinar during regular working hours. This is why there’s value in planning around audience needs – this includes being considerate of their other demands on their schedules and attention. 

2. Rule to break: webinars must be slide presentations 


Commit this to memory: slide decks are not a critical piece of a successful webinar. 

Your presentation isn’t the webinar – it’s a tool. Many successful Virtual Events are the ones that create unique experiences, ones where audiences interact, learn, ask questions, and are engaged – PowerPoint optional.

The webinar world is a blank palette for marketing your webinar. If you don’t have slides, that’s ok! Contact a few subject matter experts and have a genuine conversation; you don’t need an agenda. Keep the conversation going and make it engaging. 

Here are a few examples of virtual experiences you may want to try: 

  • Cocktail and happy hours
  • University campus tours 
  • Award shows 
  • Branding event 

A successful approach to these events shares several components, including self-selective, interactive areas for event attendees to ask questions, watch videos or connect with other virtual content.   For your virtual event agenda, consider mixing things up a bit. For example, you don’t have to wait until the end of your webinar to hold a Q&A – you can open with one. 

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