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10 Hybrid Event Tips and Trends for 2022
Posted on: 2022-02-02

Event marketers, planners, businesses, and individuals will explore a new events landscape in the coming year. We’ve heard dozens, hundreds, or maybe thousands of times over...

15 Ways to Make Your Virtual Conference a Success
Posted on: 2022-01-27

There is a strong chance you've attended several Virtual events, but how many do you remember as being significant? Memorable virtual conferences measure...

Top 5 Easy To Host Virtual Party Ideas for Remote Employees
Posted on: 2021-12-30

The pandemic completely changed the way businesses operate. With most companies preferring the remote work model, it's time to revamp employee engagement strategies.

10 Amazing Holiday Party Themes Guests Will Love
Posted on: 2021-11-18

If you’re looking for fresh ideas for this year’s holiday party, we have celebration ideas that are unique, fun, and memorable, we are here to ignite your creative spark. From brunch to tea parties...

WeInvite’s Top 10 Creative Halloween Party Ideas!
Posted on: 2021-10-25

No matter how old or young we are, there is something magical about Halloween. Hosting or attending a Halloween party gives us a chance to play a character, adopt a new persona for...

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